Penkesu Computer

The Penkēsu (Japanese: ペンケース) is a retro-style handheld device powered by a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W, a 7.9 inch widescreen display (1280 x 400 resolution), and a…

Arduino : comment gérer les rebonds d’un interrupteur dans vos programmes ?

Menu accessible sur WordPress : les bases d’un menu simple–les-bases-dun-menu-simple.html

Switching Layout Using SwiftUI AnyLayout

DIY Mechanical Macro Keypad ― Ocreeb

Comment automatiser de la capture écran de sites web ?

Arduino : branchement d’un interrupteur

Use TensorFlow on your Apple M1 or M2 GPU!


ESP8266 Amica nodeMCU V2 case

Like most, the majority of my IoT projects include the use of an ESP8266, specifically the nodeMCU V2 module

Tools and other resources for the Specification 1000D

Raspberrypi laptop case(with 8inch 1024×768 display)

kimgooni shares this great design for a Raspberrypi laptop casewith 8in Display!

Stream Deck Vertical Mount

Vertical Mount for your Elgato Stream Deck. Now that a new update has happened you’re able to rotate your icons. Made this quickly so needs little more rounding…

flutter 3.3

Raspberry Pi + Display + 2.5 SSD Stand / Case


Avalanche v4 low profile case with optional tenting

Classic Macintosh gets a massive ePaper display

Raspberry Pi HATs, pHATs & Add-ons

OSINT Cyberdeck