Evolution – Animate and the inanimate

“Evolution” is an immersive audio-visual installation and performance that celebrates the vitality of inorganic materials. The project takes its inspiration from the physics phenomenon of Cymatics, which has…

Connect your Raspberry Pi Pico W

We’ll learn to set up a Pico’s settings.toml file, then write CircuitPython code so our Pico can log into our local network using the network password. We’ll also…

PotatoP is a Lisp-powered laptop

“The word ‘Potato’ is often used to describe an underpowered/poorly performing device. ‘This video must have been filmed with a potato!’ This device is intentionally underspecced to ensure…


LED accent lighting is very trendy right now, as it can add quite a lot of visual interest to a room without introducing clutter. But commercial products are…


Vite est un outil front-end JavaScript qui vise à améliorer la rapidité de développement en offrant un serveur de développement rapide et une compilation optimisée pour la production….

Apprendre à programmer en MicroPython avec la carte Raspberry Pi Pico W


Getting Started With Software Defined Radio (SDR)


Mediapipe: Hand gesture-based


Blockbench – outil de modélisation LowPoly

https://www.blockbench.net/wiki https://korben.info/blockbench-3d-minecraft.html

BBN Marine OS

What started as an effort to build a marine linux OS turned out into much more interesting. Our focus was to build a marine computer OS to be…

The Linux Command Line


Pybricks – run MicroPython easily on LEGO controllers

Pybricks is Python coding for smart LEGO® hubs. Run MicroPython scripts directly on the hub, and get full control of your motors and sensors.Pybricks runs on LEGO® BOOST, City,…

The Making of Microsoft Adaptive Accessories


A Star Trek Lower Decks

A beautiful LCARS display of the USS Cerritos from Star Trek Lower Decks graces the website of meWho Rob. This experience has now been ported to a Raspberry…

Lettre chiffrée de Charles Quint

Décryptée grâce aux efforts conjugués de quatre chercheurs d’Inria, du Loria (CNRS, Inria, Université de Lorraine) et de l’Université de Picardie Jules Verne, une lettre chiffrée de Charles…

Cactus Flower Pot

A nice and quick pot/planter for your lovely plants! they will love itWe suggest printing it in a dubble layered vasemode – the outcome is nice and rather…

Passive cooking


Know Your Combat Robots !


Penkesu Computer


Arduino : comment gérer les rebonds d’un interrupteur dans vos programmes ?