A tour of the Dart language


World Wide Open Hackerspace Day Is Coming August 27th

The Chaos Computer Club (CCC) invites to the Open Hackerspaces Day on August 27, 2022. We want to introduce ourselves, show projects, open up to guests and anyone…



Quad Cortex Switch Toppers



Erik Oostveen’s project has been making some waves this week with this one. Eurorack visuals seem to be making their way gradually from analog-only to digital you can…

Available in Beta

DALL·E, the AI system that creates realistic images and art from a description in natural language, is now available in beta. Today we’re beginning the process of inviting…

A Comparison of the New ESP32-S2 to the ESP32

With the rollout of the ESP32-S2, learn the differences between it and the ESP32 and compare them to the ESP8266. https://maker.pro/esp8266/tutorial/a-comparison-of-the-new-esp32-s2-to-the-esp32

RC Submarine


Derivative Kick

Improving the Beginner’s PID – Derivative Kick https://barela.wordpress.com/2013/07/19/pid-controller-basics-eliminating-derivative-kick/

Novation Launchpad now has a free set of tools in Pd to hack your own controllers


Novation’s Launchpad 2.0 adds widgets that adapt to your DAW shortcuts, expands customization


The Ceres 1 Raspberry Pi Cyberdeck Repurposes a Classic VTech Speaking Whiz Child Moveable

Reddit user u/ThisIsTheNewSleeve upgraded an old Talking Whiz Kid into a Pi powered Cyberdeck. Maintaining a lot of the original charm but giving it a vastly more functional…

A Web Serial API demo


TouchFX for TouchOSC & Traktor


Knurled knobs generator


EDC Container Box Capsule + O Ring


Clothespin – Springless version


DALL·E 2 Pre-Training Mitigations

In order to share the magic of DALL·E 2 with a broad audience, we needed to reduce the risks associated with powerful image generation models. To this end,…

Pondering LCDs

Last week was a summary (with code) of shenanigans using the ESP32-S3’s LCD controller peripheral for non-LCD applications. That’s all fun and games but it’s time to don…

Getting Started with Microsoft Azure and CircuitPython

There are many IoT platforms out there, including Adafruit’s own Adafruit.IO, but if you want to build really big projects or run a business using IoT, you’ll need…