CyberDeck (Pi) for Kemove DK61

Modified the files to work for my Kemove DK61 60% keyboard. Using an RPI4. Had a blast working on this!

Feather RP2040 DVI Video Synth

In this project, you’ll use a Feather RP2040 with DVI Output to build a fun and funky video synth. The Feather runs Arduino code written with the Adafruit…

Intra-interstate populations

Another road-themed piece today, this time looking at US Interstates, and how many people live in between them. Why? Curiosity, plus it’s a nice little data challenge using…


This week at Google I/O 2023, we introduced MediaPipe Solutions, a new collection of on-device machine learning tools to simplify the developer process. This is made up of…

Dart 3

Bonjour depuis Google I/O 2023. Aujourd’hui, en direct de Mountain View, Google annonce Dart 3, la plus grande version de Dart à ce jour ! Dart 3 comporte…

Universal Serial Bus

Ajay Bhatt is a computer engineer who is widely recognized as one of the key inventors of the Universal Serial Bus (USB). His work has had a profound…

Raster CRT Typography

Recently, I engaged in a bit of analog media emulation, namely for the purpose of the reenactment of raster CRT graphics as seen on “glass terminals” like the…

Customizing MediaPipe

Customizing your first machine learning model with MediaPipe Model Maker

AAA battery dispenser

I love the original design by @3dhype

Swift UI Voodo

Simple architecture for the rest of us.

Comment démarrer rapidement en langage C/C++ avec le kit officiel (SDK)

Pour programmer la carte Raspberry Pi Pico en langage C/C++, la fondation Raspberry Pi propose un kit de développement : le Raspberry Pi Pico C/C++ SDK.

Resolume 7.14 visual software arrives

Live visual – VJ – media server tool Resolume gets another big update with a little version number. But we’re not just here to talk new and shiny:…

Gamepad firmware for the Raspberry Pi Pico

GP2040-CE is a gamepad firmware for the Raspberry Pi Pico

Women of Wonder

The Women of Wonder anthology series

Stacking Boxes for LEGO

Storage boxes for Lego 4 brick

Epic Games, le développeur de Fortnite, lance un nouveau langage de programmation dénommé Verse

Après avoir lancé Fortnite Chapitre 4 Saison 1 en utilisant Unreal Engine 5.1, Epic Games est prêt à dévoiler sa pièce de résistance. Dans un message publié sur…

FeatherWing Desktop Clock

Pretty Small Robot

Evolution – Animate and the inanimate

“Evolution” is an immersive audio-visual installation and performance that celebrates the vitality of inorganic materials. The project takes its inspiration from the physics phenomenon of Cymatics, which has…

Connect your Raspberry Pi Pico W

We’ll learn to set up a Pico’s settings.toml file, then write CircuitPython code so our Pico can log into our local network using the network password. We’ll also…